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The Kope Ski resort is in the immediate vicinity of our holiday house.

The Kaštivnik piste can be seen from the house.

The nearest ski resort (600m) to the house is the Ski Resort Kope. It comprises of 6.5km of pistes at altitudes between 1,010m and 1,542m. The nearest piste Kaštivnik is rated as intermediate in difficulty and equipped with a 4-seater chairlift. At the top of the piste is a smaller piste for children and a cross-country trail.


Ski resort Ribnica na Pohorju

There is a 20 minute drive from the bottom terminal of the Kaštivnik piste to the Ski Resort above the village of Ribnica na Pohorju. 2.2km of maintained ski runs with two ski lifts are suitable for less and more demanding skiers of all ages.