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Sawmills and mills in the Vuzenica glens

Our ancestors knew how to use the power of water in many different ways. Pohorje is extremely rich in water resources and the streams in Vuzenica are highly torrential, that is why locals built mills and sawmills in these areas. At the beginning of the 19th century almost every farm possessed at least one. Every farm produce was ground: rye, wheat, corn, buckwheat and even oil seeds. Sawmills cut wood for planks, for rafts on the Drava river and for selling.

Glass workshops of Pohorje

Three centuries ago, the glass workshops called “glažute” melted silica and used it as the raw material to produce glass. Blowing through a long metal blowpipe, which they had to rotate constantly, they formed various glass products.

They produced green – forest, yellowish, brown and blue glass, which they decorated with painted ornaments or by gilding, grinding, engraving or etching. These products were widely known in many European cities.